LIVE REPORT: Alec Baldwin, Amy Schumer And Julia Pelosi Dragged From Crackhouse In Handcuffs


Liberal heroes Alec Baldwin and Amy Schumer apparently had some last-minute hardcore partying to attend to before heading back to New York for the holidays. According to INTERPOL, the two were caught red-handed with infamous drug smuggling daughter of Nancy Pelosi, Julia Pelosi.

The trio were all well-past cooked when police raided the house in Monte Christo Hamlet Suisse’s Pain Grille’ section, which is the Paris equivalent to The Bronx. They had been partying for “days on end.” Drugs in Europe don’t carry that stiff a penalty and prostitution inside a private home is considered private business. still, we need their heroes to know what scumbellies they are.

You can view the report below live, courtesy of BBC4:

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